Best Uvb Light For Turtles

The market is flooded with a huge number of products and services. Consumers face difficulty in selecting the best product that suits their needs. To ease this process for consumers, we have compiled a list of Top 12 Best Uvb Light For Turtles which will help them to make an informed decision while purchasing any product or service.

Our team has taken into consideration various factors including customer feedback, features, specifications and price among others before finalizing these products. This list can be used as a reference by all our readers who are looking for Top 12 Best Uvb Light For Turtles We hope you find this article useful!

Best Uvb Light For Turtles

REPTI ZOO 15 W UVA UVB 5.0 Reptile Lights Energy Saving Reptile Heat Lamp UVB Bulb Spiral Compact Bulb Fit for Rainforest Type Reptile/Snake/Lizard/Insect/Turtle/Tortoise

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as of January 17, 2022 9:46 pm


  • ENERGY SAVING UVA UVB BULB - The UVB reptile light save electricity-perfect condenser with brilliant brightness, save a lot of power,5% UVB and 30% UVA output.
  • IMPROVED CIRCUIT DESIGN - Durable-Intelligent chip ensures incoming steady current to better protect circuit board, can be used up to 8000 hours
  • IDEAL FOR VARIETY OF REPTILE PETS - Our UVB reptile bulb provides necessary UVB rays for optimal calcium metabolism and is ideal for tortoises, turtles, geckos, snakes (pythons,boas,etc.), iguanas, lizards, chameleons, frogs, toads & more
  • E26 STANDARD SOCKET - Voltage:120V, High UVB output, rated at 15W/26W. Lamp cap specification: E26
  • AFTER-SALER SERVICE PROMISE - If you have any question about our product, please contact us, we will reply and help you in 24 hours

REPTI ZOO Reptile Heat Lamp 100W Full Spectrum UVA UVB Reptile Sun Lamp Self-Ballasted Vapor Basking Spot Lamp/Bulb/Light for Reptile and Amphibian

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as of January 17, 2022 9:46 pm


  • The UVA + UVB Sun Basking Spot Lamp Provides the necessary radiation of the sun for reptiles (visibile light,heat,UVA and UVB)
  • UVA provides the warmth which cold-blooded animals are used to in nature;UVB production of Vitamin D3 to maintain healthy skin and bones for your reptile
  • The UVA UVB reptile light Self-Ballasted,no external ballast required,with integrated thermal protection against overheating
  • Package Included:1 x REPTI ZOO Reptile UVA + UVB Sun Lamp 100 W
  • If you have any question about our UVA + UVB Sun Lamp,please contact us,we will reply and help you in 24 hours.

Reptile Heat Lamp UVA UVB Reptile Light Adjustable 50W Turtle Basking Spot Lamps for Aquatic Lizard Snake Chameleons Amphibians with 3 Bulbs

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as of January 17, 2022 9:46 pm


  • 【Reptiles Need】All reptiles need to bask in the sunshine for at least a few hours a day. Ultraviolet rays can effectively increase the pet's appetite, promote the synthesis of vitamin D3 in reptiles and help calcium absorption. Provide sunshine environment for your pet is very important for the healthy growth of the pets
  • 【Simulated Sunlight】Cdipesp turtle heat lamp simulates sunlight and provides appropriate ultraviolet rays and temperature to meet the needs of reptiles for their natural growth environment. Best choice for most dwelling reptiles. NOTE: Provide your pet with 2-4 hours of sunlight every day, not as a long-term light source
  • 【Adjustable Temperature】This reptile heating lamp switch can adjust brightness and temperature, meet the needs of different reptiles at different times. Suitable for reptiles, amphibians, turtle, birds, hedgehog, geckos, tortoises, lizards, frogs, spiders, chameleons, snakes, chicks, fish etc.
  • 【Clip design】The clip is made of sturdy material, you can clip it onto a tank or desk. The flexible tube is stronger and more durable than ordinary one. The length is 11.8 inches, it can be rotated 360°, no deformation and a wider coverage
  • 【High Quality Bulb】Come with 1PCS 25W + 2PCS 50W Bulbs. Reptile lamp use plating process to ensure anti-oxidation & explosion-proof. And use vacuum glass tube to extend bulb life. The ceramic socket can be used with light bulb, heater, UV lamp, infrared emitter etc. Support bulbs rated up to 75 watts

Zoo Med Turtle Lamp Combo Pack

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as of January 17, 2022 9:46 pm


  • 50 watt Turtle Tuff halogen heat lamp
  • ReptiSun 13 watt 5.0 UVB compact fluorescent lamp
  • Perfect for all aquatic turtles

Aquatic Turtle UVB & Heat Lighting Kit with Attached DBDPet Pro-Tip Guide

$58.70  in stock
as of January 17, 2022 9:46 pm


  • ✔️ Includes Mini Combo Deep Dome Lamp Fixture
  • ✔️ Includes Repti Tuff Splashproof Halogen Bulb (50 watt)
  • ✔️ Includes ReptiSun 5.0 Mini Compact Fluorescent (13 watt)
  • ✔️ Lighting and heating essential for a wide variety of repltile
  • ✔️ Helps with strong bones and other critical life functions

Jomddems Reptile Heat Lamp,UVB Reptile Light with Holder&Switch,UVA UVB Reptile Lamp with Fixture for Lizard Turtle Snake Amphibian&Aquariaum(3bulbs Included)(E27,110V)

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as of January 17, 2022 9:46 pm


  • 【Reptile Lighting Needs】UVA / UVB heating lamps can simulate sunlight, full-spectrum irradiation, provide daily ultraviolet intake for reptiles, stimulate appetite, accelerate vitamin synthesis, help calcium absorption and promote growth.
  • 【3 Spare Bulbs】Three spare bulbs of 50W,they have UVA/UVB that simulates sunlight. Ceramic sockets can withstand constant high temperatures. Suitable for incandescent lamps, fluorescent lamps, ultraviolet light bulbs and ceramic heaters.
  • 【Excellent Design】The ceramic heating lamp holder has heat resistance and safety. The flexible tube is sturdy and durable, can rotate 360° without deformation, and the lamp clip is firmly fixed on the tortoise tank of the glass container.
  • 【Adjustable Temperature Switch】The temperature of the heating lamp can be adjusted according to your needs to meet the needs of reptiles at different times. Sunlight is the best choice for all daytime reptiles.
  • 【Scope of Application】The heating lamp is suitable for most reptiles, tortoises, lizards, snakes, spiders, birds, amphibians and succulent plants. It is compatible with E27 bulbs.

75W Reptile Heat Lamp, Turtle Heating Light UVA UVB Temperature Adjustable 360°Rotatable Clip Basking Lamp for Amphibian Reptile Turtle Lizard Snake (Heat Light with 2pcs 75W Bulb)

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  • 【A Must For Reptiles】Similar to natural sunlight, UVA rays helps improve pet appetite, help digest food and promote balanced growth of nutrients, UV-B light in order to produce vitamin D3,which is essential for healthy bone growth and prevention of metabolic diseases.( With 2 halogen 75W UVA+UVB bulbs )
  • 【Wide Application】Heat Lamps suitable for reptiles, amphibians, aquarium, turtles, frog, lizards, snakes, spiders, rabbits, indoor plants, art studios, bedroom,birds,chick, mammals etc. The included light holder compatible with multiple E27 bulb, such as fluorescent, incandescent, ceramic heater, bulb, halogen, LED, etc
  • 【Temperatrue Adjustable and 360° Rotatable】Brightness and temperature can be adjust according to your pet needs,the 360° Rotatable 11.8 inch goose neck design no deform, wider coverage,makes application and installation more convenient.
  • 【Safe and Durable Design】CE-certified light holder with durable metal tube, anti-burn, high temperature resistance, for long-term use,prevent the clamp from loosening,can be directly clamped on the fish tank and is not easy to fall off.
  • 【Feature】CE-certified With 2 halogen 75W UVA+UVB bulbs, Bulb size: 1.8x1.9inch, Cable length 43 inch, Voltage 110-120V, Upgraded UVA Output Heat Lamps suitable for reptiles, amphibians, aquarium.

4-Pack 50W UVA+UVB Bulbs | Heat and Light for Reptiles and Amphibian Tanks, Terrariums and Cages | Works with Various Lamp Fixtures

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as of January 17, 2022 9:46 pm


  • All reptiles generally need to bask in sunshine every day, at least for a few hours. UV-A light for their metabolism, mood regulation as well as for breeding. UV-B light helps their bones and other organs.
  • Our 50w reptile light bulbs provide extra warmth and bright light to mimic sunshine and produce UVA and UVB lights.
  • CE Certified: Safe materials give you ease of use and peace of mind. And, they work with Various Lamp Fixtures.
  • Multi-functional for Animals or Extra Lighting: Use anywhere, from projects in your office to automotive hobbies in the garage. Or use with any animal’s cage, from snakes to fish and parakeets to frogs.

Zoo Med ReptiSun 5.0 UVB Mini Compact Fluorescent (13 watts)

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  • This bulb is perfect for all desert and basking reptiles.
  • Can be placed either vertically or horizontally and doesn't emit heat.
  • 5% UVB wavelengths helps prevent metabolic bone disease.
  • Eliminates the need for a separate ballast.
  • 30% UVA wavelengths help to increase activity levels, appetite, and reproductive behavior.

Reptile Heat Lamps, Rotatable Basking Lamp, UVA/UVB Turtle Aquarium Tank Heating Lamps with Clamp for Lizard Turtle Snake Spider Frog Aquarium Aquatic Plants with 3 Heat Bulbs & 1 TM (E27,110V)

$19.99  in stock
as of January 17, 2022 9:46 pm


  • Reptile Heating Lamp: UVB lamp, sufficient irradiation can induce D3 activation, fully absorb calcium, promote growth and prevent bone diseases
  • Reptile Heating Lamp: UVA light irradiation can improve body function, make crawling pet lively and induce mating behavior
  • Scope of Application: Ceramic sockets can be used in conjunction with bulbs, heaters, ultraviolet lamps, infrared emitters, etc. Suitable for heating lamps for reptiles, amphibians, aquatic plants, etc
  • Packing List: 1*reptile heating lamp (e27/110v) , 3*heating bulb (25w/50w/75w), 1*thermometer( need battery by yourself, model LR44, quantity 2)
  • Safe & Warranty: Safe materials and CE certification, the turtle light's cable length is 43.3 inch, which is convenient to connect to the socket. 1-year warranty provided, If you have any query or product problem, please contact us for a replacement or refund

JOUEUYB Reptile Heat Lamp, Turtle Tank Adjustable Aquarium UVA UVB Light with 360°Rotatable Clip for Tortoise Lizard Snake Turtle Reptile Terrarium (Digital Thermometer and 2 Heat Lamp Bulbs Include)

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as of January 17, 2022 9:46 pm


  • 【Essential for Turtle Habitat】 Turtles and other reptiles require a habitat with regular basking sunlight , which provide uva uvb light to produce essential vitamin D3 for bones, maintain their regular metabolism, good mood as well as breeding.Equipped with digital thermometer, can measure and adjust the turtle box or water tank light appropriate temperature.
  • 【Qualified Bulb】The aquarium light come with 2 heat lamp bulbs 50W that promise a general 3600 hours use. Silver plating process guarantees anti-oxidation protection and explosion-proof. These basking bulbs simulate natural sunshine and environment to provide uva uvb light for most reptiles.
  • 【Advanced Design】The reptile light fixture has a 11-inch goose-neck which can be rotated in 360 degrees while the clamp firmly is firmly clipped onto any size turtle tank or reptile terrarium. You can install it exactly the position you want conveniently! The ceramic heat lamp adopts high temperature resistant materials metal, which is compatible with E27 uv bulbs, ceramic heater, incandescent and fluorescent.
  • 【Wide Range Use】The reptile heat lamp is suitable for wide range size gecko tank, snake cage, turtle tank and other reptile terrariums. The ceramic lamp clamp is compatible with multiple E27 heat bulb.
  • 【Safety and Service】We provide 365 days after-sales service. For product problems or questions, feel free to contact our professional & 24 hours online services team.

OMAYKEY Reptile Lamp Fixture Holder Clamp with 50W UVB + UVA Full Spectrum Sun Lamp Sunbathe Heat Bulb - Upgraded Lengthened Adjustable Stand & Socket - for Pet Habitat Heat Light Bulb

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as of January 17, 2022 9:46 pm


  • Solid Ceramics Socket - This black reptile lamp holder can be well resistant to high temperature and durable
  • Fully Adjustable - Upgraded lengthened adjustable metal stand and socket, it can be rotated 360° in any direction
  • Strong Clamp Design - Simple and easy to use, just clip it on the table or other edge of pet house, also please adjust the distance between the lamp and the pets in case it is caught
  • Easy ON / OFF - Switch design in the middle of the wire, turn off the power supply when installing or removing the lamp holder or light bulb. (To prevent electric shock / burn)
  • Wide & Safe Use - Can be equipped with E26/E27 screw base light bulbs, ceramic heat lamps, UVA/UVB infrared emitters (Caution: Light bulb‘s power at 250-Watt or less, or in the range of 250℃ above the surface temperature of the bulb/lamp.)

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