cervical spine pain – List

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cervical spine pain – List

Cervical spine pain is a common age-related medical condition. It affects the joints, discs and the cervical spine which is present in the human neck. It is also known by the name of neck arthritis. Cervical spine pain develops the wear and tear of the cartilage and bones present in the spine. While it is largely the cause of age, it can be caused by a number of other factors.

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What causes cervical spine pain?

This is a medical condition that affects people aged 60 and over. There may be some people who never experience the symptoms. Then come those who have severe pain and stiffness. However, having cervical spine pain doesn’t mean it will cut your connection to normal daily activities.

The bones and protective cartilages of the neck are prone to wear and tear. This causes cervical spine pain. Possible causes of the medical condition include:

bone spurs

This is caused due to excessive bone growth. This results in the condition that tries to make the column stronger. There is the presence of extra bone that presses on delicate areas of the spine. This results in pain as the spinal cord and spinal nerves are pressed.

dehydrated spinal discs

The spinal bones of the body have discs between them. These are thick, pillow-like pads. These are made to absorb the shock of lifting, twisting and other activities. There may be chances that the gel-like material present inside these discs will dry out. This causes the bones to rub against each other. With the progression of time, these effects become painful. This is also the side effect of aging that starts after age 30.

herniated disc

Spinal discs can develop cracks with age. This leads to leakage of cushion-like material that supports the column’s internal system. This can result in arm numbness and pain that can radiate to the arm.


A neck injury can also lead to cervical spine pain. This can also be the result of a sudden fall or car accident. This can speed up the aging process.

ligament stiffness

Some cords connect the bones of the spine. These bones become stiffer over time. This can affect neck movement and can make the neck tense.

Excessive use

Certain activities such as dancing, building and lifting require excessive use of the bones. This puts extra pressure on the spine. It can lead to premature wear and tear of bones or spinal cord.

What are the risk factors for cervical spine pain?

The biggest risk factor for cervical spine pain is aging. The cervical spine often develops changes as a result of the age of the neck joints. All the causes mentioned above are results of aging.

There may also be factors other than aging. These include:

  • neck injuries
  • Tension and certain lifting activities that put pressure on the neck
  • Holding the neck in an uncomfortable position having been exposed to prolonged activities or repetitive neck movements can make the situation even worse.
  • There may also be the causes of genetic fact or family history
  • smoke
  • Being inactive and unexplained weight gain

What are the symptoms of cervical spine pain?

Most people who have cervical spine pain may have no other significant symptoms. If symptoms do occur, they can range from mild to moderate. One of the common symptoms is pain around the shoulder blade. There can also be causes of arm and finger pain. In addition, pain may increase while:

  • standing
  • seated
  • sneezing
  • to cough
  • bending the neck back

Muscle weakness is also the common cause of cervical spine pain. This makes the neck difficult to lift. In addition, it affects the movement of the arm, as the pain can travel to the arms or fingers. This can lead to difficulty grasping objects and doing small lifts.

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